The terms used in Bimplus have the following meanings:


See project administrator, team administrator or team owner.


Information about a (component) characteristic assigned to an object.

Property manager

Application integrated into the BIMPLUS web portal for managing properties, property sets, and property set templates.

Property set

Several properties form a property set that can be valid for a single object type or an entire object class.

Property set template

All property sets that are valid for a construction project (= Bimplus project); a property set template can be mandatory for all project participants.

Building model
(also referred to as: model)

All specialist models together; this is the result of a construction project that is planned based on the BIM method.

(also referred to as: participant)

Person registered with Bimplus or email address (see “Your Bimplus registration“); this person is authorized to actively take part in Bimplus.

User account

Personal data space of a Bimplus user. Upon registration, Bimplus automatically creates this space for the user.

This space stores the user’s details (email address and personal password) and the most important user data (see “Managing your Bimplus user account“).


See team owner.

Specialist model (= model)

Specialist planning data of a professional planner; by superimposing this data on the planning data (= specialist models) of the other project participants, you get the building model.

Coordination model

By superimposing specialist models, you get a coordination model for checking the consistency and detecting clashes during the planning phase and execution phase.

(also referred to as: project member)

Active (= registered) Bimplus participant invited to a Bimplus project. Consequently, this user is authorized to access the database of this Bimplus project.

Member roles control the rights of each member, turning project members into project administrators, project editors, and project viewers (see "Rights in Bimplus").

Member role

See role.


The term “(CAD) objects” combines components and other elements of a construction project.

Object class

IFC classification of object types.

Object type

IFC classification of objects.

Bimplus platform

See Bimplus web platform.

Project (Bimplus)

Organizational unit combining all planning data of a building model, all project participants, and everything they communicate.

Only the team owner and team administrators are authorized to create projects in or delete projects from a Bimplus team.

Project administrator

Project member with the highest level of rights within a Bimplus project; a project administrator is authorized to do everything except creating and deleting the Bimplus project (see “Rights in Bimplus”).

A Bimplus project can have several project administrators.

Project editor

Project member with the second highest level of rights within a Bimplus project (see "Rights in Bimplus").

Project viewer

Project member with the lowest level of rights within a Bimplus project (see "Rights in Bimplus").


Creating a user account (see “Your Bimplus registration“).


Revised planning data of a specialist model; as the program keeps both versions, you can check changes and different planning stages at any time.

(also referred to as: member role)

Roles control the rights of each project member within a Bimplus project (see "Rights in Bimplus").


Organizational unit combining the Bimplus projects of an organization (for example, an office acting as the general contractor for different construction projects).

You can make a request for opening a Bimplus team directly from the  Welcome page of Allplan Bimplus . The requester automatically becomes the team owner (see “Opening a Bimplus team“).

Team administrator

Administrator of a Bimplus team.

In addition to the team owner, only a team administrator is authorized to create projects in or delete projects from the Bimplus team.

A Bimplus team can have several team administrators.

Team owner

The Bimplus user who makes a request for opening a Bimplus team automatically becomes the owner and thus the first administrator of this Bimplus team (see “Opening a Bimplus team”).

Only the team owner is authorized to appoint additional team administrators in the Bimplus team or delete team administrators from the Bimplus team.

(also referred to as: user)

Person registered with Bimplus or email address (see “Your Bimplus registration“); this person is authorized to actively take part in Bimplus.

Bimplus web platform
(also referred to as: Bimplus platform)

The web-based openBIM platform Bimplus is the cloud solution hosted by ALLPLAN GmbH, combining all data of a construction project planned based on the BIM method.

You can access the Bimplus platform from the BIMPLUS web portal, Allplan, or any other suitable openBIM solution.

BIMPLUS web portal

Web portal you can use to access the openBIM platform Bimplus through a browser.

Furthermore, the BIMPLUS web portal provides extensive features for handling projects based on the BIM method (for example, superimposing specialist models, detecting clashes).

Go to the BIMPLUS web portal at .

Bimplus web service

The Bimplus service offered by ALLPLAN GmbH provides you with everything you need to create and maintain a digital building model based on the BIM method.

In detail, this service includes the openBIM platform Bimplus with space on this platform, the BIMPLUS web portal, the Issue Manager palette in Allplan, and the Bimplus API (Application Programming Interface).

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