You can check and change your user data stored on Bimplus at any time.

Each registered Bimplus participant can store the following user data on Bimplus:

  • Profile picture
  • Title
  • First name (mandatory)
  • Last name (mandatory)
  • Company (mandatory)
  • Email (mandatory)
  • Password (mandatory)
  • Telephone
  • Mobile phone
  • Language

In addition, the team owner is authorized to change the following information:

  • Team name

To change the data stored in your Bimplus user account

This is only possible if ...

→  You are signed in to the BIMPLUS web portal (see “Signing in to the BIMPLUS web portal“)

  1. Go to the title bar of the BIMPLUS web portal and click your (user) name or profile picture.

    You can see the user menu.

  2. Click Account settings on the user menu.

    You can see the Account settings form.

  3. To add or change your profile picture
    Click the frame of the picture or the picture itself. In the Open dialog box, select the required image file and click Open.

  4. To change your email address or password
    Click . You can see the Change email or Change password dialog box. Enter the new email address or password twice and click Change.

  5. To add or change other details
    Add or change the relevant details.

  6. Click UPDATE at the bottom of the Account settings form.

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