If you want to use the BIMPLUS web portal to check or edit the data saved to the Bimplus web platform, you must be signed in directly to the BIMPLUS web portal.

You sign in to the BIMPLUS web portal independently of signing in to Bimplus from Allplan although you use the same details (email address and password). Even if you have already signed in to Bimplus from Allplan, you are not automatically signed in to the BIMPLUS web portal and vice versa (see “Using Allplan to sign in to Bimplus“).

If you are the owner of a Bimplus team, sign in to Bimplus with the details (email address and password) you entered or received when you registered with Bimplus. After having signed in for the first time, you can change your password in the account settings (see "Managing your Bimplus user account").

If you were invited to join a Bimplus project, you selected your own password when you confirmed the invitation email. To sign in to Bimplus, use the email address of the invitation email and the password you selected there. Here, too, you can change your password in the account settings at any time (see also "Managing your Bimplus user account").

To sign in to the BIMPLUS web portal

This is only possible if ...

→  You are a registered Bimplus participant (see “Your Bimplus registration“)
→  Your web browser allows third-party cookies (see “Privacy settings for your web browser“)

  1. Start your web browser and go to the BIMPLUS web portal ( portal.bimplus.net ).

  2. Enter your email address and password in the respective Login boxes.

  3. Click Log in.

    After you have signed in, you can see the dashboard of the BIMPLUS web portal. Use the navigation menu to access all apps and features.

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