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You invite members to your Bimplus projects separately for each project. If you invite project members to take part in Bimplus for the first time ever, these members must confirm participation before they become registered users of Bimplus.

You also assign rights to project members separately for each project. As a Bimplus participant can belong to several projects, which might be handled by different Bimplus teams, the same Bimplus participant can have different rights in different projects.

To invite a new member to your project

This is only possible if ...

→  You opened and signed in to the Bimplus portal ( via your web browser
→  You have the required rights (see “Rights in Bimplus“)

  1. If BIM Explorer is open:
    Show the dashboard by clicking BIMPLUS on the title bar of the Bimplus portal.

  2. Select the project to which you want to invite a new member so that it is the current project (see “Selecting the current Bimplus project”).

  3. Go to PROJECT DATA on the navigation menu and click Project members.

    You can see the list showing the members of the current project.

  4. Click  INVITE MEMBER.

  5. Enter the email address of the member you want to invite and select a member role:

    Project viewer
    A project viewer can view models, documents and tasks and download documents.

    Project editor
    A project editor has the same rights as a project viewer. In addition, a project editor can upload models and documents, create, edit and delete tasks, edit project properties and check for clashes.

    Project administrator

    A project administrator has the same rights as a project editor. In addition, a project administrator can download and delete models, delete documents, invite and remove members, assign roles and assign a property set template.

  6. Click Invite.

    If the person invited is a registered user of Bimplus:
    The person invited gets an email with a link to the Bimplus project; this person automatically becomes a member of the Bimplus project.


    If the person invited is not a registered user of Bimplus:
    The person invited gets an email with the invitation to Bimplus; this person must confirm participation in Bimplus before becoming a registered user of Bimplus and a member of the project (see “Accepting the invitation to Bimplus”).

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