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Managing Bimplus projects is more than just creating and deleting projects. The project administrator is also responsible for selecting roles and assigning these roles to the project members. Other tasks include controlling communication between team members and managing the specialist models of the project and the associated documents and files.

Topics on this page:

Checking, adding or changing project properties

The most important details of a Bimplus project are available to all project members. You can find these details in the Properties palette:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Description
  • Created on
  • Status
  • Project statistics (hard-drive space required; number of members, models and documents)

If you have the required rights, you can also change these entries.

Note: Use the project properties to define the property set template that is mandatory for all those involved in the construction project. For details see “Planning projects using standardized component properties”.

To show the Properties palette for a Bimplus project

This is only possible if ...

→  You opened and signed in to the Bimplus portal ( via your web browser
→  You have the required rights (see “Rights in Bimplus“)

  1. If BIM Explorer is open:
    Show the dashboard by clicking BIMPLUS on the title bar of the Bimplus portal.

  2. Go to PROJECT DATA on the navigation menu and click Projects.

  3. If you are a member of several Bimplus teams:
    Open the Project folder list box and select the Bimplus team working on the project.

  4. Click (on the right side of the table header).

    The Properties palette opens.

  5. Go to the project overview and click the project of which you want to check or change the properties.

  6. If you have added or changed properties:
    Click Save in the Properties palette.

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Adding or changing the project picture

You can add a picture to each project so that the Bimplus projects can be identified quickly and easily.

To add or change the project picture

This is only possible if ...

→  You opened and signed in to the Bimplus portal ( via your web browser
→  You have the required rights (see “Rights in Bimplus“)
  1. Show the Properties palette for the project to which you want to add a picture or of which you want to change the picture (see “Palette Eigenschaften einblenden”).

  2. Go to the Properties palette and click  Upload picture.

  3. Select the required picture file in the Upload file dialog box.

  4. Click Open.

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Managing project members

The project administrator creates the list of project members, adding all planning partners involved to this list. By assigning different roles, the project administrator controls the access rights of the members. If a planning partner is no longer involved in a project, the project administrator removes this planning partner from the project.

For details, see "Appointing project members".

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Managing the building model

Managing the building model of a Bimplus project plays a central role in cooperative planning based on Bimplus. Therefore, this topic will be covered in a separate chapter, where you will learn how to upload planning data to Bimplus and handle planning states (see “Uploading specialist models to Bimplus and managing these models”).

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Managing documents and other files

In addition to the model data of the building model, you can upload other documents and files in any format to Bimplus so that the other project members can view or download these documents and files. You can do this for every project.

For details, see “Uploading and managing other documents”.

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