You can upload planning data of specialist models to Bimplus from different planning tools in various ways.

The easiest way is to upload data straight from Allplan or Revit. As these planning tools are directly connected to Bimplus, you do not need to export or convert the data to an appropriate format first.

However, you can also export data from other (specialist) planning tools in an appropriate data format (usually IFC, but SketchUp files or LandXML files are also possible) and then upload the exported data to Bimplus. By using the Bimplus API (application programming interface), you can program a service for this purpose. In any case, the data format must comply with IFC standards.

After import, the data must be in the correct position so that the various specialist models can exactly be superimposed. Therefore, you must define the origin of the common coordinate system in advance so that all planning partners can use this coordinate system as the basis for their planning. Otherwise, you must manually move the models so that they are congruent (see “Moving specialist models“).




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