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When you invite a new member to a Bimplus project, you define the role and thus the project-specific rights of this new member in the invitation.

An administrator of the Bimplus project can change these initial rights at any time.

To change the role (= rights) of a project member

This is only possible if ...

→  You opened and signed in to the Bimplus portal ( via your web browser
→  You have the required rights (see “Rights in Bimplus“)

  1. If BIM Explorer is open:
    Show the dashboard by clicking BIMPLUS on the title bar of the Bimplus portal.

  2. Select the project with the member to whom you want to assign a different role so that it is the current project (see “Selecting the current Bimplus project”).

  3. Go to PROJECT DATA on the navigation menu and click  Project members.

    You can see the list showing the members of the current project.

  4. Display the list showing the members in list view.

    To do this, click (below the username).

  5. Open the list box in the Role column of the member who is to get a new role and click the new role you to want to assign to this member:

    Project viewer
    A project viewer can view models, documents and tasks and download documents.

    Project editor
    A project editor has the same rights as a project viewer. In addition, a project editor can create, upload and download models, create revisions, download documents, create, edit and delete tasks, edit project properties and check for clashes.

    Project administrator

    A project administrator has the same rights as a project editor. In addition, a project administrator can delete models, delete documents, invite and remove project members, assign member roles at project level and assign a property set template.

Note: The role of the team owner cannot be changed; the role of a team administrator cannot be changed here.

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