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As soon as a clash task is "solved", the person who created this clash task gets an email informing this person of the new status. This person then checks the clash task, deciding whether this task can be closed or whether this task requires further editing and must be returned to the person responsible.

To close a clash task

This is only possible if ...

→  The Bimplus project is loaded in BIM Explorer (see “Loading a building model into BIM Explorer”)
→  You received an email informing you of a clash task being solved

  1. Open the email and select the link to open the clash task on the Bimplus portal.

    Note: Of course, you can also open the clash task directly from the task board on the Bimplus portal or the Task Board palette in Allplan.

  2. Check the clash task.

    If you are satisfied with the solution, click Task details and change the Status of the task to Closed.

    Note: If you are not satisfied with the solution, add a comment to the task and change its Status back to Open, thus returning the task for further editing to the person responsible.

  3. Click Save.

    This removes the clash task and its clash from clash manager. As a result, you can find the clash task only in the list of usual tasks on the task board.

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