When you invite a new member to a Bimplus project, you define the role and thus the project-specific rights of this new member in the invitation.

An administrator of the Bimplus project can change these initial rights at any time.

To change the role (= rights) of a project member

This is only possible if ...

→ You signed in to the BIMPLUS web portal (see “Signing in to the BIMPLUS web portal“)
→ You have the required rights (see "Rights in Bimplus")

  1. Make sure the project in which you want to change the role of a member is the current project (see “Selecting the current Bimplus project”)

  2. Select the navigation menu by clicking Show navigation menu on the title bar of the BIMPLUS web portal.

  3. Click  Project members.

    You can see the members of the current project.

  4. Click the member whose role you want to change in the overview or on the side menu.

  5. Show the Properties palette by clicking Show properties in the upper-right area of the overview.

    Tip: If Table view is selected, you can change the role directly in the list box of the Role column.

  6. Go to the Properties column - Access rights area and select the required Role for the member:

    Project viewer
    Viewing models, documents, and issues; downloading documents

    Project editor
    Same rights as a project viewer, plus: creating, uploading, and downloading models; creating revisions; uploading documents; creating, editing, and deleting issues; editing project properties; checking for clashes

    Project administrator
    Same rights as a project editor; plus: deleting models; deleting documents; inviting and removing members; assigning member roles at project level; assigning a property set template

    Note: The role of team owner cannot be changed; the role of team administrator can be changed but not in this place (see “Defining the roles of team members“).

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