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By removing a member from a Bimplus team, you revoke the member's access rights to the planning data of this project. This removes the member only from the Bimplus project in question, having no effect on other Bimplus projects, the Bimplus team or the Bimplus registration of this member.

Note: Even if you remove a member from all projects, the Bimplus details (email address and password) of this member still exist. Once registered, a Bimplus user can thus be invited to a Bimplus project at any time without this user having to register again.

To remove a member from a Bimplus project

This is only possible if ...

→  You opened and signed in to the Bimplus portal ( via your web browser
→  You have the required rights (see “Rights in Bimplus“)

  1. If BIM Explorer is open:
    Show the dashboard by clicking BIMPLUS on the title bar of the Bimplus portal.

  2. Select the project from which you want to remove a member so that it is the current project (see “Selecting the current Bimplus project”).

  3. Go to PROJECT DATA on the navigation menu and click  Project members.

    You can see the list showing the members of the current project.

  4. Display the list showing the members in list view.

    To do this, click (below the username).

  5. Click Remove project member in the Options column of the member you want to remove.

  6. Click REMOVE to confirm the prompt.

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