To include the clashes in issue management, you create a separate issue for each clash detected. Depending on the editing status, each clash issue goes from “open” to “solved” to “closed”.

To create an issue for a clash

This is only possible if ...

→  The Bimplus project is loaded in BIM Explorer (see “Loading the building model into BIM Explorer”)
→ The Clash Manager palette is open
→ You calculated clashes (see “Detecting clashes“)
→ You have the required rights (see "Rights in Bimplus")

  1. Show the Clashes table for the required structural level.

    To do this, select the Show table check box in the  Clashes row.

  2. Go to the Clashes table and click within any column of the clash for which you want to create an issue.

    The Clash properties palette appears on the right side.

  3. Click NEW ISSUE.

    You can see the Issue properties palette instead of the Clash properties palette.

  4. Complete the information about this clash issue (see “Creating, retrieving, and editing issues on the BIMPLUS portal”).

  5. Click SAVE.


    Click PUBLISH.

    This creates the issue. When you have immediately published the issue, the Responsible person and the people behind CC email addresses get emails informing them of the new clash issue; the clash no longer appears in the Clashes table.

  6. Show the Issues table.

    To do this, click Show table in the Open clash issues row of the structural level.

    The Issues table contains the new clash issue. When you look at the Status column, you can see that this clash issue is Open.

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