To detect clashes, clash calculation scans the objects of the Bimplus project that is currently loaded in BIM Explorer, checking for overlapping objects. By means of the overlap tolerance, you define the value by which two objects can overlap. As soon as this value is exceeded, clash calculation identifies a clash.

Clash calculation is based on object types and object classes. Use the Clash set list box at the top of the Clash Manager palette to decide which object types and object classes you want to check. Clash calculation always includes all objects of the selected object types in the current project, regardless of whether individual specialist models or structural levels are visible or invisible.

You create an issue for each clash detected and appoint the person responsible for handling this issue. First, the issue is an “open clash issue”. When it is solved, it gets the “solved clash issue” status. As soon as a clash issue is “closed”, clash manager displays neither the entry nor the associated clash. However, you can still find the clash issue in the list displayed by the Issue Manager.




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