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If you are in charge of a project and you want to use the openBIM platform Bimplus to handle this project, you must have your own Bimplus team. Only the team owner (or team administrator) can create new projects and appoint one or more project administrators who manage the projects and who invite more users to join a Bimplus project (see "Appointing project members").

The users invited to join a project of your team automatically become members of your Bimplus team, thus getting access to Bimplus. Unlike project members, team members can be managed by the team owner (or team administrator) only.

The same is true for the Bimplus licenses and Allplan Share licenses that are available to your team. Only the team owner (or team administrator) can distribute the licenses to the team members.

Important if you use Internet Explorer!
If you use Internet Explorer as the web browser, you must allow Internet Explorer to accept third-party cookies (see “Privacy settings for Internet Explorer”). Otherwise, you cannot open Bimplus team management.




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