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If you are the person responsible for editing a new clash taskissue, you automatically get an email informing you of the new this clash taskissue. Usually, it is your job to assess or solve the issues problems described in the clash taskissue. To do this, you use the planning data of your specialist model.

In doing so, you can add comments or attachments to the clash taskissue. When you have finished editing the clash taskissue, you change its status to "solved", thus returning the clash task issue for final approval to the person who created it.

To edit a clash



titleThis is only possible if ...

→  The Bimplus project is loaded in BIM Explorer (see “Bauwerksmodell in den BIM Explorer laden”)
→  You received an email informing you of a clash task issue that you need to edit or check
→  You have the required rights (see "Rechte in Bimplus")

  1. Open the email and select the link to open the clash task issue on the BIMPLUS web portal.


    Note: Of course, you can also open the clash task issue directly in the Issue Manager on the task board of the BIMPLUS web portal or in the Task Board Issue Manager palette in Allplan.

  2. Edit the clash task issue (see “Using Creating, retrieving, and editing issues on the BIMPLUS web portal to create, retrieve, and edit tasks”).

    When you have finished editing solved the problem described in the clash task, click Image Removed Task issue, click Image Added Issue details and change the Status of the task issue to Solved.

  3. Click Save SAVE.

    The person who created the clash task issue gets an email with information about the new status; the clash task issue changes from Image Added Open clash task (yellow) issues to Image Added Solved clash task (green)issues.

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