Below you will find a checklist to help you with the implementation of Bimplus where there are difficulties due to the IT Infrastructure on the customer side.
This covers the Bimplus Portal, downloads of Bimplus add-ons, and the use of Bimplus Services.

Possible technical reasons and solutions:

  1. As with all cloud-based services, you need a solid internet connection.
    Check: Quality of the internet connection.

  2. Blocked / not recognized certificate by Firewalls, Proxies, Domain Security-Policies for Server, and Clients.
    Check: Set rules → Accept certificates from the * and *. Allplan domains.

  3. There might be an issue with cookies in the browser.
    Check: Accept cookies from * and *

  4. It is quite common for companies to block executables.
    Check: Allow download of executables from the * and * domains as well as start of executables from Allplan certificates and Bimplus certificates.

  5. Blocked internet connection to Allplan Services.
    Check: Set rules → Allow connection to *, *, and

  6. Failed recognition of internet domain.
    Check: Are the internet domains recognized by your internet provider?

  7. Real-time virus scanner.
    Check: If executables are blocked by the real-time virus scanner, allow the start of executables with Allplan certificates.

  8. Local Firewalls or Security-Policies block executables and downloads.
    Check: Set rules → Windows Firewall: inbound connection to

    If the Allplan certificate or Bimplus certificate is not accepted, import the certificate manually → Do the following:
    Import and Export Certificate -Microsoft Windows
    a)   Open the MMC (Start > Run > MMC).
    b)   Go to File > Add/ Remove Snap In.
    c)   Double-click Certificates.
    d)   Select Computer Account.
    e)   Select Local Computer > Finish.
    f)    Click OK to exit the Snap-in window.
    g)   Click [+] next to Certificates > Personal > Certificates.
    h)   Right-click Certificates and select All Tasks > Import.

  9. In case of problems with the download of add-ons.
    Check: Local download manager, if used.

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