When handling projects based on the BIM method, the planning partners involved usually come from all sectors in the construction industry. Consequently, they use different planning tools to create and maintain their specialist models. So that the component characteristics are unique throughout the project, all those involved must use standardized, interdisciplinary component properties.

Therefore, in accordance with IFC, components are classified into object types, which are classified into object classes. The BIM coordinator responsible for the construction project defines one or more sets of component properties for the object types and object classes to be used in the construction project. These sets of component properties are combined in a project-specific property set template.

If it is mandatory for all project participants to use the property sets defined in this template, it is possible to synchronize the property values of the building model on Bimplus with the property values of the specialist models provided by the planning partners at any time over the course of the project.

Note: You can find further information in the Allplan Help; see “Planning projects with standardized Bimplus property sets“.

Property sets and property set templates

Bimplus provides various property set templates that contain predefined property sets for object types and object classes:

  • IFC Standard and IFC Common

    The IFC Standard and IFC Common property set templates contain property sets that match the current guidelines drawn up by buildingSMART. These property sets cannot be changed.

  • Default

    Bimplus comes with the predefined Default property set template, which cannot be changed either.

  • Custom template

    This is a predefined object structure that you can use as a template for creating your own property set templates. The basic IFC standard properties are predefined for the object types and object classes in this structure. You can add properties from the property library.

Property manager

Use the property manager of Bimplus to manage the property sets and property set templates in a table with three columns:

  • Object

    Select the object type or object class for which you want to display the property sets in the Property sets column.

  • Property sets

    You can see the property sets defined for the object type or object class selected in the Object column. You can change only the Custom template property set template or your own property set templates.

  • Property library

    This library provides all component properties that are currently available. It consists of two databases: the Bimplus database (cannot be changed) and the Team database (can be changed and expanded).

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