You can use BIM Explorer to retrieve specific information about any object in the overall model, including properties, characteristics, and parameters of the entire object. In addition, you can see how the elements making up the object are positioned and how these elements interact.

You can find this information in the Details palette, which has the following areas:

    Displays the selected object on its own. You can move the selected object in the 3D preview as you would move the overall model in full view.

    Shows how the elements making up the selected object are structured. By using Toggle visibility, you can show and hide each element in the 3D preview. By using Toggle opacity, you can make each element transparent in the 3D preview.

    Lists the object properties in accordance with the property set assigned to the project.
    You can find not only user-specific (Allplan) properties but also general information about the object, such as its name, geometry, and unit.
    For example, the Element section shows the name of the model that contains the object. This is particularly useful if several models from various sources are superimposed and you cannot see which model contains the object in question.

To retrieve information about an object

This is only possible if ...

→  The Bimplus project is loaded in BIM Explorer (see “Loading the building model into BIM Explorer”)

  1. To retrieve information about a single object, click this object in the building model.


    To retrieve information about several objects, select and hold the Ctrl key and click the objects one after the other.

    The Details palette opens on the right side.

  2. If you have selected several objects:
    Go to the Details palette and select the required object in the upper list box.

  3. Click Object properties.

    You can see the object structure of the selected object and its properties.

  4. Click Comments to see the comments that are available for the selected object.


    Click  Attachments to see the attachments that are available for the selected object.


    Click Hyperlinks to see the links that are available for the selected object.

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