If the superimposed specialist models are not positioned correctly after import, you can move individual models manually.

Regardless of the visibility settings in the BUILDING STRUCTURE area, Bimplus always moves the whole model!

To move a model

This is only possible if ...

→  The Bimplus project is loaded in BIM Explorer (see “Loading the building model into BIM Explorer”)
→  The Project navigation palette is open (see “Showing the Project navigation palette”)
→  You have the required rights (see “Rights in Bimplus”)

  1. Go to the Project navigation palette, MODELS area and click the name of the model that you want to move.

    Bimplus encloses all objects of the selected model in a min-max box in full view, opening the Details palette on the right side.

  2. Click MOVE MODEL in the Details palette.

  3. Select origin
    Click to select a point of the model in full view. A circle indicates the point clicked.

    You can see the coordinates of this point in the Details palette.

    Note: You cannot change this point later. If you want to select a different point, click Cancel and start again with step 2.

  4. Select destination or enter vector
    Point to the point to which you want to move the origin. You can see the coordinates of the this point in the Details palette.

  5. Click to select this point.


    Change the coordinates of the vector directly in the Details palette.

  6. Click MOVE.

    This moves the model.

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