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When handling projects based on the BIM method, you must make sure that all project members always know exactly what to do.

The process of creating, retrieving, and editing tasks issues reflects the cyclic BIM workflow of exchanging data, adjusting and detailing specialist models, and updating the coordination building model. This process is the same throughout every project, accompanying all those involved.

Therefore, you and your planning partners need tools that make task issue management easy efficient and comfortable. For this purpose, you can retrieve, create, and edit tasks issues by using both the BIMPLUS web portal and the Task Board Issue Manager, which is integrated in Allplan.

Adding further information to



One of the most important features of handling projects by means of Bimplus is the option to attach comments or other information, such as file attachments or hyperlinks, to tasksissues. Thus, all those involved in the project can communicate and exchange information directly through the building model. As a result, any additions or changes are always up to date and available to all project participants at any time.

Placing spots in the model

When editing tasks by using issues on the BIMPLUS web portal, you can place spots directly in the model. Spots mark particular points in the model, that is, specific places that require attention. You can retrieve spots in BIM Explorer and directly in Allplan.

Marking elements

Design elements affected by an issue can be marked in Allplan. Each time you select the issue, the marked elements appear in color in Allplan. You can select the marked elements in the list box of Image Added Assigned objects in the Issue properties palette on the BIMPLUS web portal.

Saving perspectives for issues

Saving perspective views for tasks

A perspective view of the model will be saved for each taskissue. As soon as you select a task, the program automatically displays an issue, you automatically see the perspective view that is saved for this taskissue.

Importing and exporting


issues in BCF format

The BIM Collaboration Format (in short BCF) is the data format defined by buildingSMART for exchanging information between project participants when you handle handling projects based on the BIM method. Regardless of the software products used, this standard format guarantees a smooth and loss-free data exchange.

Consequently, you can import and export BCF files of the tasks -format issues created for the Bimplus projects by using both the BIMPLUS web portal and Allplan.

Exporting the


issue list as an Excel table

It is often difficult to keep track of tasksissues. This is particularly true when you have a complex task issue list. Therefore, you can export the complete task issue list of a Bimplus project in Excel format.

Retrieving chronologies of issues

A certified BIM workflow requires you to document all changes made to an issue. Therefore, you can retrieve the chronology of each issue (author, date, time, and type of change).

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