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Introduction to Bimplus WebSDK

Bimplus WebSDK library was created with intention to provide easy access to Allplan Bimplus API via simple and easy to use SDK. It contains list of functions which you can call to obtain data from API servers.


Bimplus WebSDK library is distributed via npm and github repository.

npm registry

npm installation

To install package via npm you need to install nodejs and npm . Then in command line run :

npm install bimplus-websdk


Public github repository with latest bundle is here :


Access to Allplan Bimplus API servers is not public, so you need a valid Bimplus account to use one of our servers.

With Bimplus account you obtain also unique application id for your application. If you don't have application id, please contact Allplan company to get one.


Please note that currently we have dev, stage, prod API servers and each of these uses separate accounts. It's not possible to use dev credentials to login into our prod or stage servers. Application id is the same for all api servers, so you can use the same for all our api servers.

In the next sections you can find some basic tutorials how to initialize and use Bimplus WebSDK.

Bimplus WebSdk initialization example

import BimWebSdk from 'bimplus-websdk';

// cache - flag if Bimplus WebSdk should use internal indexeddb cache to store all requests - Dexie plugin is required if it's turned on
// host - choose api server for connection, currently we have these servers -,,
// protocol - choose protocol - http or https
var apiConfig ={    cache: false,
                    host: "",
                    protocol: "https://"

var api = new BimWebSdk.Api(apiConfig);

Authorization example

Please note that authorization must be done prior to any other api calls ! It's important to set correct access token into api to provide credentials for other calls.

To successfully login you need to have account in Allplan Bimplus and application id assigned to your application.

Please note that dev, stage and prod api servers are using separate accounts so it's not possible to login to prod via dev credentials.

Application id is the same for all api servers and it identify your application.'','password', 'XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX').done(function(data,status,xhr) {        
}).fail(function(data) {     
    console.error('Login to Bimplus failed');

Set team by name function example

Here is the simple example how to obtain list of teams and set specific team by name into api. Api must be authorized otherwise this code will fail.


this.setTeamByName = function(teamName){
    var tn = teamName ?  teamName : this.defaultTeam;
    var deferred = $.Deferred();

    // prior the first execution of this code we need to login and set valid api access token into Bimplus WebSDK api
    return api.teams.get().done(function(data){
        var team = data.find(function(d){
            return === tn;



Get all projects example

Example how to get list of all projects. Please note that correct access token must be set in api and we must set also the teamslug via api.setTeamSlug(team.slug) call to specify for which team to obtain list of projects


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