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Bimplus team licenses usually contain a limited number of users. Only the team owner or a team administrator is authorized to distribute licenses to team members.

A team administrator is authorized to manage all licenses that are available to a team, that is, both Bimplus licenses and Allplan Share licenses. Therefore, a team member who does not belong to the company should get the member role only.

To manage the licenses of your team members

This is only possible if ...

→  You are signed in to the BIMPLUS web portal (see “Signing in to the BIMPLUS web portal“)
→  You are the team owner or team administrator of the Bimplus team

  1. Only if you are the owner or administrator of several Bimplus teams:
    Select the team whose licenses you want to manage (see “Selecting the current Bimplus team“).

  2. Select the navigation menu by clicking Show navigation menu on the title bar of the BIMPLUS web portal.

  3. Click Team members.

    Tabs indicate the licenses that are available to your team.

  4. Select the bim+ | Bimplus | Free Standard internal license.

    You can see the members of the current Bimplus team and all employees of your company who are registered users of Allplan Connect.

  5. Select the check box of a member to assign the selected license to this member.


    Clear the check box of a member to remove the selected license from this member.

Note on Allplan Share:
If your team has licenses for Allplan Share, you can manage these licenses on the Allplan Share tab. However, you can assign a license only to a team member who has already confirmed participation in Bimplus.

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